A Dozen Dozen: Your First 144 Italian Words Page 3  

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  VII. A Dozen Adverbs and Articles.
      Word   Pronunciation   Type   Meaning
1. s see adverb yes
2. no noh adverb no
3. non nohn adverb not
4. molto mohl-toh adverb very
5. pi pee-oo adverb more
6. qui kwee adverb here
7. l lah adverb there
8. dove doh-vay adverb where
9. chi kee adverb who
10. come koh-may adverb how
11. un, una oon, oo-nah article a
Note: un is used with most masculine nouns, una with feminine. For more info on the articles in Italian, see Section II of the Grammar Guru.
12. il, la eel, lah article the
Note: il is used with most masculine singular nouns, la with feminine singular. The masculine plural is usually i, the feminine plural is le.
  VIII. A Dozen Prepositions and Conjunctions.
      Word   Pronunciation   Type   Meaning
1. di dee preposition of
2. da dah preposition from
3. con kohn preposition with
4. senza sehn-tsah preposition without
5. per pehr preposition for
6. su soo preposition on
7. in een preposition in
8. a ah preposition at
9. tra trah preposition between
10. e ay conjunction and
11. o oh conjunction or
12. ma mah conjunction but
  IX. A Dozen Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives.
      Word   Pronunciation   Type   Meaning
1. io ee-oh pronoun I
2. tu too pronoun you (singular)
3. lui, lei loo-ee, lay-ee pronoun he, she
4. noi noh-ee pronoun we
5. voi voh-ee pronoun you (plural)
6. loro loh-roh pronoun they
7. mio mee-oh possessive adj. my, mine
8. tuo too-oh possessive adj. your, yours (sing.)
9. suo soo-oh possessive adj. his, hers
10. nostro noh-stroh possessive adj. our, ours
11. vostro voh-stroh possessive adj. your, yours (plural)
12. loro loh-roh possessive adj. their, theirs
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