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  X. A Dozen Verb Forms from Essere (to be) and Avere (to have).
  Verb   Pronunc.   Meaning   Verb   Pronunc.   Meaning
sono soh-noh I am siamo see-ah-moh we are
sei say-ee you (sing.) are siete see-ay-tay you (pl.) are
eh he (she, it) is sono soh-noh they are
ho oh I have abbiamo ahb-bee-ah-moh we have
hai ah-ee you (sing.) have avete ah-vay-tay you (pl.) have
ha ah he (she, it) has hanno ahn-noh they have
  XI. A Dozen Forms from Other Verbs.
      Word   Pronunciation   Meaning   Infinitive Form of the Verb
1. amo ah-moh I love amare (ah-mah-ray), to love
2. vado vah-doh I go andare (ahn-dah-ray), to go
3. vengo vehn-goh I come venire (vay-nee-ray), to come
4. faccio fah-choh I do, make fare (fah-ray), to do, make
5. do doh I give dare (dah-ray), to give
6. vedo vay-doh I see vedere (vay-day-ray), to see
7. dico dee-koh I say dire (dee-ray), to say
8. voglio voh-lyoh I want, wish volere (voh-lay-ray), to want, wish
9. posso pohs-soh I can potere (poh-tay-ray), to be able, can
10. devo day-voh I must dovere (doh-vay-ray), to owe, must
11. so soh I know sapere (sah-pay-ray), to know
12. mangio mahn-joh I eat mangiare (mahn-jah-ray), to eat
  XII. A Dozen Time-Related Words.
      Word   Pronunciation   Type   Meaning   Plural Form
1. giorno johr-noh masc. noun day giorni (johr-nee)
2. notte noht-tay fem. noun night notti (noht-tee)
3. settimana seht-tee-mah-nah fem. noun week settimane (seht-tee-mah-nay)
4. anno ahn-noh masc. noun year anni (ahn-nee)
5. adesso ah-dehs-soh adverb now  
6. poi poh-ee adverb then  
7. quando kwahn-doh adverb when  
8. oggi ohj-jee adverb today  
9. ieri ee-ay-ree adverb yesterday  
10. domani doh-mah-nee adverb tomorrow  
11. mai mah-ee adverb never  
12. sempre sehm-pray adverb always  
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